Traffic Law

Many times drivers find themselves going against traffic rules. Some are caught while others get away with the mistakes. As a new driver, do not be afraid of driving thinking that the traffic police will catch up with you. At times you will be found on the wrong that I won’t lie. You cannot master all the rules at a go, be patient and slowly by slowly you will understand them. This article will outline some rules often broken by both experienced and new drivers.

Traffic law

Safe driving

In most cases, drivers are charged with unsafe driving habits which can be avoided. The most important thing on the road is to practice safe driving. To avoid collision with traffic police, be sure to drive safe all through. It is also good to take note of reckless drivers around you.


This is the most violated traffic rule. Some people will speed because the car in front is speeding or they did not see a speed limit sign. Though tempting, the only way to get yourself out of over speeding is keeping an eye on the speed limit boards and making sure that you follow it even if traffic around you is over speeding. Doing what others are doing won’t make you safe. You will be charged alone if the traffic police pulls you over.

Reckless driving

This is where a driver concentrates on other things while driving. It might result to accidents harming yourself or people around you. Multitasking is a big no when driving. Let your passenger do stuff like changing radio stations so that you fully concentrate on the road. You must never miss any road sign. Using your phone is as well termed as reckless driving.

Not stopping for pedestrians

Stopping behind a school bus or any other vehicle with passengers alighting is frustrating for drivers. Passing vehicles with passengers alighting is wrong. To avoid violating this one, do not follow such vehicles.

Life is a matter of choices. It is you as a driver to decide if you are going to drive safe or reckless. Road signs are there to be followed. They are put up in large and clear words for every driver to see and follow. Make the right decision of safe driving for your safety, that of your passengers and of pedestrians. Drive safe and you will definitely arrive safe.